The Big Bands and Sam!

Woody Herman  "To Sam  Thanks for Everything, Woody"

So what do you know about the "Big Bands", anything or nothing at all.  Doesn't matter, because you  are about to see many of those legends come alive, if just for a few.  Do the names Jimmy Dorsey, Bunny Berrigan, Shep Fields, Woody Herman,  Bob Eberly (with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra), and Gene Krupa  among others, sound familiar?  These legends are part of an era not only long gone, but would be forgotten if not for Social Media!  We can sing praises all day, and as a matter of fact, all night, about the power of social media, but why waste time when we could learn about those "Big Bands".  Oh, and if you are not interested, I can take rejection; one of Sam Bushman's favorites, and a great lesson to me.  Incidentally, there are personal tidbits Sam shared with me; somewhat vague from memory, but something for certain; Sam always reiterated  "who would be interested"?
Sammy Kaye " To Sam Bushman One of the grandest fellows and finest Press Agents to know.  Thanks a lot  and my best always"

Johnny Long 
Guess what Sam, people are interested, at least a few for sure, and those few make it all worthwhile! 

"To Sam and Milt - enjoyed knowing you - thanks for everything"  More about Milt (Shapiro) later, Sam's first Partner in the PR Game!
Pictured below is Cliff Hall, a well known Society Band Leader at the time; he was a favorite of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and and played for many of their parties and social events. 
Cliff Hall

So, who do we have here?  Take note of the era, most between 1930-40. Quite suave, sophisticated and debonair. Most of these, if not all, appeared at the Embassy Club, the Premiere Night Club in Philadelphia, at the time.  Many also appeared at the Earle Theatre located at 11th and Market Streets.  Oh, I need to be more precise.  The Earle Theatre on the southeast corner of 11th and Market Streets.  Much better, can you picture it now?  
Larry Adler "To Sam Bushman Best Wishes"
Russ Morgan

Happy Felton
"To Sam and Milt with thanks for a very nice job"

Buddy Rogers
"For Sam and Milt Appreciation and kindest regards"

Shep Fields 

Bunny Berrigan
"Sincere regards to two grand guys" 

Bobby Byrne

Art Mooney

Photography credits to be added where available.  One photograhper, James J. Kriegsmann, was known for doing photographs of Big Band Orchestra  Band Leaders whose son is a photographer in Manhattan, NY.

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